A sensitively made film marking the 50th anniversary of the tragedy when a colliery slag head collapsed on a school in south Wales, killing 144 people, most of them children.

Featuring testimony from those affected by the tragedy, which happened on October 21, 1966, alongside extensive archive footage of the disaster and its aftermath, the documentary provides a vivid insight into the lives of South Wales families at the time, and how the disaster affected the whole community.


Popular history at its best – sensitive, rigorous and authentic. It also managed to be profoundly moving, taking viewers right to the emotional heart of the story.

RTS Awards 2017

“This was a captivating story of life and loss; an ultimately uplifting testament to community spirit
and human resilience.”

the telegraph 


Bafta Cymru 2017
Director (factual): Marc Evans
Photography (factual): Baz Irvine

RTS Programme Awards 2017
History Documentary