Clare Miller

Holly Allen


What’s your role at MultiStory?

My main role is looking after The Martin Lewis Money Show Live, which, when we are on air, is out-puting the weekly live programme, helping Martin devise the programme content and overseeing the studio and outside broadcast elements. I am also part of the Multistory Senior Leadership Team.


What made you want to get into TV and how did you make that a reality?  

I always wanted to go into Television. I could probably credit the terrible school plays that I took part in but it was the process of building a ‘production’ from scratch that I was always enthusiastic about.

I was lucky to get a chance to do work experience at Thames Television at Teddington Studios, running on This is Your Life, Men Behaving Badly, Chef, CNBC News & FTTV. They asked me back every holiday and from there I went out on all the news shoots with the reporters, helped edit the reports plus booked the guest financial analysts.


What’s the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome to get to where you are?  

I think that overcoming my naturally shy personality in an industry where extroverts shine. I am still learning to make my voice heard so that’s a work in progress. This is something I try to instil within my teams.

In terms of making a programme, throwing together The Martin Lewis Money Show in 4 days at the start of the pandemic, only knowing 3 people on the team, which included both presenters, and then working out a plan to rig Martin’s house without breaking ‘the rules’.


What has been the highlight of your career so far?  

Seeing The Martin Lewis Money Show thrive and become part of the modern narrative. Being part of it and knowing that the programme can and has made a difference to people isn’t something I take for granted. The partnership that Martin and I have is something I am very proud of and greatly value.


What was your biggest “pinch me’ moment?  

There are so many but here are a few that spring to mind; Going to 10 Downing Street in the snow, which felt like a scene from Love Actually. Working as an Intern at MTV in the early noughties and seeing Justin Timberlake, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears appear on TRL. Getting to sit in Michael Schumacher’s F1 Ferrari, whilst they were in testing sessions at the Maranello track and getting an access all areas tour to Real Madrid’s Bernabeu Stadium. Smuggling Elton John’s dogs into Television Centre on the Paul O’Grady Show, to be honest there were so many moments on that show that were all pinch me moments.


Are there any big learning curves or disaster moments you can look back and laugh about now? 

Getting thrown in the deep end feels like the worst way to learn but in fact for me it is the best. I lived in Spain for a year and worked for a financial rolling news channel and was asked to simultaneously translate the Queen Mother’s funeral and George Bush’s post 9/11 State of The Union Address. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of that translation…The channel no longer exists but I have very many happy memories of kicking off the breakfast news with a cheery yet terrified “Comencemos con los titulos”.

Being the location researcher on Coach Trip was a huge learning curve! Sending the coach through the back streets of Seville where it got stuck springs to mind. In my defence it was the days before Sat Navs. The spa day turned into a walking tour through the cobbled streets!

Another one was the satellite getting knocked out by a storm over Germany during the Martin Lewis Money Show Covid Series which connected Martin’s house to the studio. The last 10 minutes of the programme came via the mobile unit furiously inserting numerous sim cards. Not something I’d like to relive anytime soon. The moral of those tales is always have a back up!!!


What are your favourite TV shows?  

West Wing, Sporting Documentaries such The Last Dance about Micheal Jordan’s career, At Home with the Fury’s, Supervet, The Traitors.

Oh and obviously…The Martin Lewis Money Show Live, ITV Tuesdays at 8pm!