Dinkesh Miesuria

Holly Allen

What’s your role at MultiStory? 

I’m the series producer and series director of a brand new series for BBC Three called Dubai Hustle.  As the title states, we shot the entire programme out in Dubai over a four month period.  I oversaw the crew, storylines, schedules, the style of the series and most importantly the relationship with the “cast” and management of the real estate company at the centre of the show.

What made you want to get into TV and how did you make that a reality? 

I got my first break whilst at the University of Manchester, where I pitched two half hour documentaries to ITV Granada and they were both commissioned and then the rest is history, as they say.  I then went onto direct a series of shorts for Channel 4 before working back in the department which won me the commissions and learned the craft of making programmes through the newsroom where I truly started my career.

What has been the highlight of your career so far? 

Helping a particular contestant find her perfect wedding dress on ‘Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire’. The woman in question was visually impaired and would be choosing her dress through the sense of touch with the help of Gok Wan. It was really important to me as Series Director that she had the best experience and that we would capture it in a way that the viewer would really experience it too. That particular episode was what got the series nominated for a RTS award.

What was your biggest “pinch me’ moment? 

‘Extreme Cake Makers’ in Cardiff winning the Broadcast Award for Best Daytime Programme. When the show was commissioned, there wasn’t much of a worked up format, just a taster tape of someone making an amazing cake. As the Series Producer, this meant I got to be very hands on developing the format to what it is today.  I hadn’t realised my potential of creating a programme from scratch and I was so proud I helped shape an award winning show. I’m now always looking for ways to evolve the shows I’m working on so I can make them the best they can be…within the budget of course!

What are your favourite TV shows?  

‘Piers Morgan’s Life Stories’ has that chat show charm but he gets to the heart and soul of the personality featured.  The mix of raw interviews and VT’s makes you feel like you’re watching a drama.  It’s a light, non-offensive, digestible biopic. Piers is off to pastures new now, but I’m looking forward to seeing Kate Garraway take the reins.