Jordan Thomas

Holly Allen


Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a producer and director from Bradford. Father of two. Separate to creating unscripted, I enjoy creating short form scripted content and directing actors.


Did you always want to work in TV? How did you land your first role?  

I always wanted to work in the creative industry, but I wasn’t sure where. I love developing ideas and seeing them come to life.

After I graduated from university I heard about a Marvel film shooting in Manchester and they were looking for runners. So I applied and got the job. I spent a month standing in the rain stopping people from walking on to the set, but I loved it. And I made lots of friends who added me to crewing facebook groups and helped me get further jobs.


What is your film about?   

My film is about the unknown contribution to the British Armed Forces from black servicemen and women. What it means to serve this country and celebrate everyone who contributed.


What has been your biggest challenge during the filming making process?  

My biggest challenge was probably trying to get the images I want from the spaces I had access to. Lots of issues with lighting and sound that were out of my control that I had to adapt to in the moment.


What was your favourite part about making it?   

I loved each stage but I really enjoyed reviewing and crafting in the edit.


What would your advice be for someone stepping up into a PD role?  

You can never have enough driving shots, establishers and cutaways. Don’t feel pressured to fill silences, let the contributors do that.


And lastly, what are your favourite TV shows of all time and what are you watching at the moment?

My favourite TV shows are Twin Peaks, The Wire, & Extras. At the moment I’m watching a lot of Anime. I’ve recently watched Hell’s Paradise and Jujustsu Kaisen, and I’m 400+ eps into One Piece.