Joshua Dennison-Dobie

Holly Allen


What’s your role at MultiStory?

I am the first point of contact for a wide range of production needs. I assist all departments – administration, editorial and management – wherever I can. Managing accounts and dispatching laptops, booking couriers, assisting on location and with technical issues. I am happy to take on any task.



What made you want to get into TV and how did you make that a reality?  

Since the age of 6 I was involved in theatre. I have also experienced life in front of a camera, to some degree. A-levels were a turning point, as I took a keen interest in television and film production, excelling in my studies. Progressing to university gave me a taste of what the industry could be like, and I was driven to obtain the necessary knowledge and practical skills to make it to that level. I was lucky enough to know people already established in television, who kindly recommended me to a PM on Animal Rescue Live. The hard work was just about to begin, and I could not take this opportunity for granted. It was up to me to make a good first impression, and I dedicated myself to the role and production doing whatever was asked of me. ARL is where I would meet Claire Miller, our fabulous SP on The Martin Lewis Money Show, and we now have a great working relationship as she offered me a spot on her wonderful team! This brought me closer to the heart of Multistory, and my name began to circulate among the PM’s and I am grateful for how much I have been able to get involved with all of our fantastic productions.



What’s the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome to get to where you are?

There are many elements to my role that are challenging in general, but I believe the biggest obstacle that I have faced would be my location. Being based outside of London, in Liverpool, meant a lot of travelling. Before my first long term contract with multistory, I would travel to London quite a lot. Journey’s could often take up to 4 hours each way, but I was always ready to pack a bag and go at a moment’s notice. It is the heart of television in the UK, and I wanted to be there as much as I could. Thanks to the support of family and friends, there was always a place to settle. In retrospect, it proved to be a tiny obstacle compared to the opportunities I would receive. I love the city, the team and my job.



What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Being offered my first ever 6 month contract at MultiStory! After working on many shoots since November 2019 through to the summer of 2020, I was thrilled when asked to take on this role long term. It felt as though I had solidified my place as part of the team here at MSM.



What was your biggest “pinch me’ moment?

Undoubtedly – working on a Pride of Britain shoot with Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge. Even being within 5 meters of royalty was surreal, and made me realise how lucky I am to be working in television. This industry offers amazing and unique opportunities, as well as memories that will stay with you forever.