Monica-Leigh Fourie

Holly Allen

What’s your role at MultiStory? 

I’m a Production Coordinator.

What made you want to get into TV and how did you make that a reality? 

Growing up I have always been fascinated by the behind the scenes parts on DVD’s on both films and Television shows. Seeing how they were really made and all the nuggets of information on all the cast and crew. At the time I didn’t know anything about or anyone in the industry so to start it off I did Film Production at University, which in hindsight, even though I learnt a lot, you don’t need a film or tv degree to get into this industry.

After finishing my degree, I left wanting to be a DOP/Camera woman and so found a job as a camera department runner for an indie feature film. While on the film I ended up helping on the production side sorting hotels, catering and travel. From this I fell in love with the production side of both film and TV so started off as a runner and worked my way up

What has been the highlight of your career so far? 

The highlight for me is the sheer variety of shows that I have had the privilege to work on. Shows like Pride of Britain where I’ve had a whole host of celebrities to fangirl over and iconic shows such as Come Dine With Me which people get so excited to hear about. But seeing my name on the credits of a show like Hospital and Ambulance which tell such heart-warming and heart-breaking stories and knowing that I have contributed to that is really special.

What was your biggest “pinch me’ moment? 

One of these moments that comes to mind is whilst working on Pride of Britain. I’ve had the joy of working on this show twice, once as my own show and again as a volunteer runner for the evening. It’s such a magical night because you are in a room surrounded with various television and sporting celebrities, where the likes of Steven Fry and Mo Farah causally walk past you in the corridors. The show celebrates such incredible people for various forms of bravery and achievements in their lives. You go home being in awe of a 4 year old and reflect on your contributions in life!

Are there any big learning curves or disaster moments you can look back on and laugh about now?   

A lot of my disaster moments involve hire cars and all on the same show! From taking off the whole back bumper of our talent hire car (thankfully the talent wasn’t inside!), to being on a very tight schedule leading a crew convoy to the next location, only to realise half way into the 30 min round trip that I had all the other crew car/van keys in my back pocket.

I was once stuck with two hire cars in Liverpool on my birthday. All the branches had shut for the day, the trains were being cancelled and there was a very real chance of us having to drive them all the way back to London! Thankfully I found a hotel nearby where we could leave the cars and keys for them to be collected in time and a very, very sweet taxi man raced us back to the station for the last train out.

That or spending £400 on JUST washing tablecloths for Come Dine With Me when I thought I was only being charged £70!

What are your favourite TV shows?  

I am a serial binger of TV shows so this list could be very long, so I’ll stick with one that made me want to get into tv, one I’m watching now and one I’ll recommend.

One of the shows that got me into the television industry would have to be Band of Brothers – slightly old school show but learning that all the actors had to go through army boot camp before stepping foot on set just made me love the show even more. More recently I am in love with Love so shows like Married at First Site and Love is Blind, watching shows where you can see love on the screen always makes me happy.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with crime shows, I am a sucker for most crime documentaries, especially ones with a plot twist like The Jinx. If you have not seen this you need to go see it now, it can be a bit heavy but the ending will leave you up until 3am.