Salomé-Dior Williams

Holly Allen


Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a shooting PD and Development producer, that primary works in factual long form & short form and fact ent. I also moonlight in branded content.


Did you always want to work in TV? How did you land your first role?  

I actually wanted to work in broadcast journalism or PR. I got my first job after a lot of work experience placements. Finally, one company asked me to stay and the rest was history.


What is your film about?   

My film is about the black British contribution to fashion. The story is told through a series of Master interviews with some of the biggest designers, tailors and tastemakers of our time and a contemporary story of 2 young entrepreneurs that put on a fashion gala that rivals the likes of Vogue world and the Met Gala. 


What has been your biggest challenge during the filming making process?  

Time has been the biggest challenge. We had quite a few technical issues and hiccups that caused delays across the film and the edit process. Most of which we overcame, but the most challenging aspect was the final part of the film. The whole of part 4 was shot on what was originally set to be the last day of my online. I had to turn around the whole part, plus notes in a matter of days. It was stressful, but we made it work.


What was your favourite part about making it?   

Working with such an amazing team. The other directors are phenomenal, the production and editorial the team made my experience, and really helped me through the challenges. I am so happy to have been able to collaborate with them all.


What would your advice be for someone stepping up into a PD role?  

Be confident in your choices stylistically and speak up if you’re unsure or second guess anything.


And lastly, what are your favourite TV shows of all time and what are you watching at the moment?

My favourite TV show of all time is probably Gilmore Girls. I am currently watching Sex Education and Muscles & Mayhem documentary series.