Sarah Bishop Fenn

Holly Allen


What’s your role at MultiStory?

I am a Production Manager for MultiStory and have been at ITV for 10 years. I work on a wide range of programmes including daytime, makeover shows, current affairs, documentaries and more recently, factual entertainment.


What made you want to get into TV and how did you make that a reality?  

I grew up knowing two cameramen who worked for Central TV and Pebble Mill and their job looked like a lot of fun. They told me that if I wanted to get into TV I had to go to Ravensbourne College, which for me was the best opportunity I could have been given. I spent two years learning how to create and run a studio, how to edit and use cameras. The course was very practical, I only had one essay in the whole two years, which I loved. It’s thanks to my training that I would happily give any technical role a try if I was asked.  At the end of the course I was lucky enough to go straight into a job at ITV Anglia and from there made contacts who helped me get a job in ITV London, which is pretty much where I have stayed.


What’s the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome to get to where you are? 

I think my only real hurdle was getting to know the route into TV and I feel very lucky to have known family friends who pointed me in the right direction. Early on in my career there were times where I didn’t have any TV work, but I was very fortunate to find my way back by calling the right person at the right time.


What has been the highlight of your career so far? 

One of my highlights was meeting Captain Sir Tom, but I have also done so many fun things like have dinner with the Captain of a Warship, filming Father Christmas in Lapland with Peter Andre and his kids, filming on the Mall with TM for the Royal Wedding and being part of the Pride of Britain Awards.


What was your biggest “pinch me’ moment? 

Weirdly it was when I was on 60 Minute Makeover and I suddenly realised that I was driving Terry Dwyer (from Hollyoaks) to the hotel. I was sat there thinking I used to watch this person on TV and now I am responsible for getting her safely to the hotel (I am happy to report I drove well and she didn’t complain about my driving). I also got very excited when I ended up in a lift with Jeffry from Rainbow!


Are there any big learning curves or disaster moments you can look back and laugh about now? 

I think TV is one big learning curve, there is never a time when I think I know it all. There is always a new programme idea that comes along and we all sit there and think how the hell do we make that, but it always works.


What are your favourite TV shows?  

At the moment I love crime programmes, but I generally just love to watch anything that doesn’t involve too much brain power at the end of the day. I pretty much always fall asleep in front of the tv.